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I used to think it was stupid.

Why would I want to eat/drink/do something I don’t like in order to start liking it? Sounds pretty ass-backwards, I should only consume something if I enjoy it. That’s how I used to think, at least. I used to dislike beer, and just stuck with all the sweet “girly” drinks. Those are still good (screw the haters), but somehow I’ve learned to also like beer for what it is. Appreciate it, enjoy it. It’s one of the many cases that helped me understand what people mean when they say something’s an acquired taste.

Boy it’s going to be difficult wording this to not sound snobby, so disclaimer: this isn’t supposed to sound snobby. But there’s something about all those things people rarely initially like. Coffee, beer, bitter vegetables. At the surface, during your first experience, they aren’t particularly great.

But as you touch base with them again and again, you learn to recognize other, more subtle attributes. The primary impact they have isn’t as effective anymore, and their other qualities start to stand out. You’ll learn to find and appreciate their sweetness, fragrance, texture. You’re no longer scared, you’re free to explore. I feel like that’s what gives them their depth.

Or maybe it’s just because you get older, I don’t know.
~ Fang

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