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Today’s the last day of March. Tomorrow’s the first day of April.

I think we all know what that means. Trust nothing and avoid doing anything, or you might end up tricked. Truly the most wonderful special day our civilization has managed to ingrain into culture. There’s not a whole lot of people actually serious about it, but it’s a good excuse for companies to do silly PR stunts— or hell, even test public reaction to something they might be willing to try out for real.

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The overengineer

Imagine that being an actual job title. “Oh yeah, I’m an overengineer at Convoluted Solutions Inc.”

For some reason I’ve never been big on watching movies. I’d watch them with friends, but very rarely would I seek out a film on my own. But recently, I’ve been picking up on that life-long slack and indulged myself in some good ol’ cinematographic culture. And now that I’m actively keeping an eye out for films to watch, more and more works have been popping up that look interesting to me. Great! But that means I now already have a backlog of fifty movies I have stored but haven’t yet seen.

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Because if you believe things are going to go well, then the chances they will are that much bigger!

Every so often, I am reminded of the polytheistic beliefs of ancient Greece, and how that occasionally ended up with “a god for everything”. Not one single god ruling over all that is but rather numerous smaller gods, each with their own niche market, so to speak. We all knows of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades. And they were big players, sure. But let’s be real here, we wouldn’t be anywhere without Verminus, the god that protected cattle from diseases and worms.

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This is not an easter post. This is a flu post.

Some of you may recall me being sick a couple weeks ago. People had spoken of a “flu epidemic” because so many had fallen ill. Gladly, we all survived, and went on our merry way after recovering. But rumor now has it there’s a second version of that previous flu flying around. Supposedly doesn’t make you cough as much as the last one. And you know what, I fear I may be able to verify that.

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Someone pointed out how comedy films have a higher chance of getting poorly rated on film critic websites.

Makes sense, because people who argue over opinions surely can’t have a good sense of humor, right? Well, yeah, but there’s something else to it I think. Film critics that review for those websites have seen a lot of films, and in order to keep their ratings consistently unbiased, they need some sort of baseline to compare against. At least, that’s how I can imagine it goes. Watch a movie, see how it scores on various points, and deduce a final rating from that.

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