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There’s only a rare few times I actually feel bad for teachers. Yesterday was one of them.

For one of the only subjects I’m following this quarter-year, we as a class have to organize a “seminar”, half a day filled with presentations, lectures and demos surrounding a game-related topic of our choosing. It’s kind of an oddball project compared to the usual “write a document about this” or “make software for doing that” stuff, but at least it beats what we would’ve done otherwise: researching research papers and writing research papers about them.

As you can imagine, organizing something big with a class full of half-motivated dudes isn’t the easiest thing. And that’s fine, we can deal with that. We got a somewhat interesting topic (virtual reality, kinda cliche but good enough) and it was time every three-man group told the class the specific thing they wanted to cover. That would be followed up by discussing general planning of the day, what information delivery methods could best be used for which topics, etc.

But apparently nobody was able to get into it very well? I can count the number of people that actively participated on one hand. And even then there was a lot of shooting down of suggestions even though we’re not setting anything in stone yet. It’s fine if you’re being critical, but no use in Negative Nancy-ing it up when we’re already having a hard time getting people to speak up as-is.

Haven’t felt that frustrated with a class in quite a while, so I felt like venting about it. I just hope we can still get something decent set up in time, that the whole event doesn’t turn into a boring slog-fest of “can’t wait ’til we can go home”.

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  • 22/02/2016 (2:16 PM)

    Man that sucks. There are a few times I’ve really felt sorry for teachers. That would be one of them. When people are being lazy shits there’s not much you can do about it. Teachers are essentially managers and supervisors rolled in to one and the best managers are those who can motivate in times of need. Part of it still falls on the teacher.

  • 19/02/2016 (10:05 PM)

    Your seminar can just be you guys sitting around watching “Lawnmower Man.”

    Problem solved!

    (Or a lecture by Jaron Lanier, if you get really ambitious? What happened to that guy? Jewish guy with dreads who coined the term VR and he used to be everywhere. Now? Nowhere to be seen…)

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