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For the first time in forever, I managed to put my blogging skills to good use!

An assignment for a subject with the strangest name (“capita selecta”) has us writing blog posts as “reactions” to the talks various guest speakers give over the course of… the course. This week around it was my turn, and I was to write something pertaining to a talk on group motion planning. It covered the basics of pathfinding for AI (how NPCs walk around), and how that behavior can be modified to work well with groups.

But why am I telling you that? I already talked about it! In fact, the side-step I made in that post was an inspiration for the thing I wrote for the assignment. I delved into how amazing it was such a simple thing got a bunch of dudes to “aww”, and then asked the question: why can’t this be applied to bigger things, like making us feel empathic towards humans in games?

I can post a link to the full thing if anyone’s interested in reading it (which I know nobody is). But guess how I wrote it? That’s right, all in one go. Just like almost every single turd you read on here. Except with a bit more finesse to it. Still, it was rather nice, churning out an assignment worth of writing just like that. The “do some research” requirement slowed me down a bit, but I still went a little overboard I think.

Oh well, no better time to flaunt my “2 ez” English writing skills and endless fountain of words than for something school-related.
~ Fang


  • 18/02/2016 (1:56 PM)

    Well done you on putting those blogger skills to use. I think you’ve technically validated all the time and effort you’ve put in to this blog now with that.

  • 16/02/2016 (3:47 AM)

    Nice. Does that mean that your blogging work is helping your writing overall?

    • 16/02/2016 (11:07 AM)

      It most definitely is. Though I’d say only for the writing style I employ here. I can write a three-page blog post in five minutes, but ask me to write three pages of proper good fiction and I need a week. I’d still do it in one pass, barely any editing, but it just takes a while.

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