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09 02 16

Ten characters

That’s all it takes.

I struggled with the shittiest issue yesterday and today. Yes, this is about that game project, but I suppose it’s also a perfectly fine anecdote for making clear the hilarious pains that arise in programming sometimes. For you see, I worked long and hard on the issue. But I couldn’t even find the cause, much less the solution. I tried just randomly poking at things, moving junk around in the hope that it’d at least have some effect on the problem. But nope, nothing.

After considering giving up all hope a couple of times and nearly throwing the project in the trash, I picked myself up and worked on some different stuff. Still for the same project, but things that weren’t affected by the issue I still hadn’t solved yet. And guess what I find in doing so? Something that may be related to that nasty problem!

So I prod and poke, and I’ll be damned. That’s it, right there. The cause of all my struggles. I hit ten distinct keys on my keyboard, run the game, and everything’s as smooth as butter.

Sometimes finding the root cause is literally all of the work.
~ Fang


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