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Never thought the day would come, but I bit the bullet and called Apple tech support. It was terrible.

My laptop is one of many with a long-running issue with the logic board, causing the image displayed on the screen to (in my case sporadically) become a corrupted mess of single-color lines. Apple is aware of this issue and has a repair program running so people with the issue can get their hardware fixed/replaced for free. That program ends on the 27th this month. I have not yet had my stuff fixed.

Thing is, I generally can’t miss my computer for more than a day. Studies, work, hobbies. I need it to live, practically. And the rare few times I did have plenty time off I didn’t care enough to get something done about the issue. The deadline drawing near somehow changes that though, and I’d like this taken care of. So maybe, I thought, maybe I can the repair done more quickly if I make an appointment for it?

Apple’s answering machines are horrible. Absolutely bottom-of-the-barrel tier trash. Audio quality is horrendous, making the way-too-loud waiting music all the more obnoxious. After listing all the options on the “what’s it today” menu, it skips away from it if you wait so much as a single second. That’s a second I needed to confirm that was the entire menu! And then a call redirect later, you have another menu which takes voice commands rather than button presses… without ever notifying you of that. “Oh, uh, yes I suppose?” “Sorry, I couldn’t understand you. Please wait while I…”

On top of that, I was redirected between the same two divisions twice, and tech support apparently can’t schedule appointments further than a week in the future. Fucking ugh.
~ Fang


  • 08/02/2016 (2:12 PM)

    I’ve never had a truly awful tech support experience. The people I talk to should work for Apple. Always take the quickest route you can to a real person.

  • 05/02/2016 (12:06 AM)

    Still better than AT&T’s customer support here. The only way I’ve found around it is to say the purpose of my call is to “Cancel Service.”

    I magically get to a representative right away.

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