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And then some, holy fucking shit.

I actually hadn’t mountain biked (mountained bike? biked mountain?) in a long, long time. Because it’s still pretty cold outside, not the best weather, and other petty excuses. But yesterday the sun was shining and there wasn’t a single sign of bad weather in sight, so the Dad and I decided to go out and make some miles. And let me tell you, miles we definitely made.

It certainly wasn’t our longest trip ever, but the combination of the cold wind and not having biked in quite a while definitely took its toll on me. By the time we decided to head back I was already exhausted. Those last few miles, absolutely killer. I had a whole load of trouble getting myself forward, let alone getting myself forward facing the wind and going uphill. The struggle was real.

Once we finally made it back home (barely before dark) I had the weakest legs I’ve ever had, but miraculously I could still stand! My legs made a fairly speedy recovery, they’re feeling fine today, but my arms are aching quite a bit. Guess I used them too much when attempting to put a little more push on the pedals.

Hopefully I can manage the same track length a lot better next time!
~ Fang


  • 03/03/2016 (3:30 AM)

    Ain’t much like the feeling of a great workout and a good bike ride. The first time I rode bikes in years my dad took me out to a trail he knew and we rented mountain bikes. I’m still surprised we biked for as long as we did given that he’s close to three times my age and I was horribly unfit at the time. Felt great though.

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