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06 02 16

Niche flavors

You haven’t lived until you’ve found one you absolutely love.

Here’s a popular one: After Eight chocolates. Thin chocolates with gooey mint inside. In my entire life I haven’t met a single person who tasted them and went “meh” or “it’s okay”. You either love them or hate them, apparently there is no in-between for those things. And that’s how it is with most unique, niche flavors. They have a small but dedicated fan-base, an equal amount of haters, and a large group of people who’ve never tasted it.

I think that’s really cool, especially considering how creative some foods get. Currently I am in possession of a chocolate bar with “sea salt and lime” flavor. Yes, there’s actual bits of sea salt in there. I’m a huge sucker for the stuff, it’s definitely the best kind of salt, but when I first encountered it in combination with chocolate (and lime!) I was skeptical. Turns out it isn’t all that bad! You just need to take care to only eat a single bite an hour, definitely no more.

Anything weird you enjoy?
~ Fang


  • 08/02/2016 (6:17 AM)

    I love those ridiculous chocolates that have weird ingredients for the sake of being somehow more upscale. Sea salt is great. So is bacon. Oh, and chili infused chocolate. It doesn’t taste like peppers, mind you, it just has a nice body of heat to it.

  • 06/02/2016 (11:55 PM)

    That sounds delicious.

    People are always looking at the things I am eating with a skeptical eye, so I’ll have to think about what it is I eat that freaks people out.

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