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11 02 16

Keeping it hip

For some reason it’s always so… odd when study assignments try to be more modern.

With the single subject I’m following this quarter of the year there’s some days on which a guest speaker will come and give a presentation about a topic tangentially related to our studies right now. And that’s cool, some interesting subject matter makes appearances. Just today we talked about pathfinding and crowd behavior for AIs, which actually inspired me into wanting to come up with a cool game mechanic surrounding a flock of birds. Very cool stuff!

Per guest speaker, every team has to write a “blog post” on their “blog”. What is meant by this is that you need to write a critical analysis of the content of the presentation, giving your thoughts and opinion, and supporting those with further research into the subject. So, not very blog-like.

I don’t know why the school decided “yeah, this is the format we’re going with”. It’s painfully obvious it’s just an attempt at modernizing the course exercises. And while it’s a good thing they’re trying to keep with the times (or catch up, rather), it would’ve been way better if they had actually attempted to understand the medium/description and seeing if it’d fit with the actual task and output of it.

It’s just, eh, it feels kind of slapped-on, you know?
~ Fang


  • 15/02/2016 (5:22 AM)

    I always liked when teachers tried to make assignments “fun”. But “cool”? Not so much, because it never was. I mean, are blogs even considered cool anymore?

  • 12/02/2016 (2:47 PM)

    These are the kinds of things you need to do when you’re a teacher. Make things make sense. Trying to modernise things without fully understanding them just leads to some real stupidity. You see it everywhere. At least some of the speakers are fun and worth your time.

  • 12/02/2016 (1:43 AM)

    Everyone should agree to do a mediocre job at it so that they don’t have the same assignment next year.

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