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14 02 16

It’s Sunday

I wrote half a post on how bad I felt after eating too much food today. Good thing we deleted that, right?

Instead you’ll have to put up with Yet Another Post on the negative influence low amounts of motivation and inspiration have on the quality of my writing. It’s… a self-referential piece, if you will. Why? Because it’s Sunday. And Sunday tends to be a kind of low day for me, due to a single factor, really.

Saturday night is generally the night I spend with friends, catching up on their weeks/months, having a good time ’til it’s almost morning again. And even if nobody’s available to hang with, I’ll make myself comfy and entertained until the late hours anyway. Either case, I go to bed late. And I’m the kind of person that doesn’t want to wake up at 4 PM, so I kind of force myself to sleep less than I should, even though I don’t like that either.

The next day is then spent lazing around, boring myself and attempting to recover from my lackluster sleep, but never quite getting there. It isn’t until the much-dreaded Monday that I’m feeling decently fit again.
~ Fang

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