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16 02 16

Fresh systems

Nothing like the smell of a freshly-installed system, right?

Well, yeah. Sometimes. Because I’ll be sending my laptop away for repairs at the end of the week, I went ahead and tried to get Ubuntu onto a USB drive, so I could work from there. It worked more or less, but apparently it doesn’t persist any changes I make, and I haven’t found a quick and easy way to change that yet. Still, the short experience I had with it was rather comfortable!

It only required one driver to be manually enabled (not even searched for, I could just change a radio button selection) before everything worked just fine. I felt right at home in Ubuntu’s Unix environment, and getting basic tooling set up was a snap.

But then I tried making an account for myself on my mother’s laptop. Yes, a Macbook. A world of difference. I spent ten minutes in the system settings to get the system to be somewhat comfortably usable, and even then a lot of stuff was lacking. All that time doesn’t even include setting up some basic requirements yet.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever move away from OS X, but I do know this: doing a clean install is going to be a pain in the ass.
~ Fang


  • 17/02/2016 (1:43 AM)

    Are you going to be offline while your laptop is gone?

    • 17/02/2016 (10:12 AM)

      Nope. My mom is kind enough to let me borrow her laptop when she doesn’t need it, and I always have my smartphone too. I’m a Super Hacker™, I can never be offline!

      • 18/02/2016 (3:25 AM)

        I figured. I’m just an addict, so I can’t be, either.

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