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23 02 16

Forest findings

There’s a lot of odd junk you can find walking through frequently visited woods.

It starts off innocent enough, a lost glove laying in the middle of the path. But before long you have counted three empty cans of frankfurters. If you’re lucky you come across some empty bullet shells used for the military’s practice drills. On bad days the best you’ll find is a single tampon. You just never know what you’re going to get, walking the more popular paths.

And though it’s kind of sad there’s that much stray garbage around and about in the forest and its surrounding area, it can also be interesting to see what people have lost or thrown away. Discarded military equipment is always fun to come across, but it’s those times that you run into a pair of panties that really has you scratching your head. How did these things end up here? Does their owner regret losing them? Will they ever come back and search?

Oh yeah, dead animals too. A rare find, but always oddly neat.
~ Fang


  • 24/02/2016 (2:50 AM)

    One shoe. I am always finding one shoe.

    Who loses one shoe?

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