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01 02 16

Day of good news

It just kept getting better!

Today was the first day of the game development specialization. Right off the bat it was confirmed that one of the subjects on the schedule was not for our part of the class. That’s four hours I could scratch off already! A little bit later, I got approval for skipping out on the subject I completed last year, because hey, I got a good grade and apparently the material hasn’t changed much. This means I essentially have to follow only a single subject (and the Big Bad Project, which doesn’t start until five weeks in). Tuesdays off, Wednesdays off, short days all around. Sounds pretty good!

Back home I worked on that multiplayer game I mentioned a bit more, determined to get the whole client-server thing up and running. It was quite the struggle, but eventually I managed to get the existing issues into focus, allowing me to fix the structural problems they represented. Lo and behold, the whole setup actually sort of works right now!

It’s only the barest of bones, and I’m sure it’s prone to all kinds of errors, but at least it’s a good start!
~ Fang


  • 04/02/2016 (9:37 PM)

    That is a good start for anyone. Sounds like you’ll barely be in school this year. You’ll have plenty of time for all your personal projects, like this multiplayer game.

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