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If you're reading this, step away from your screen for a while.

I’m bringing my laptop in for some hardware tests tomorrow.

They likely won’t do anything crazy with it, supposedly just running some tests to verify my issue is the one they have a repair program for. Still, I have made two backups of my system, just in case they spontaneously decide to wipe my data or something. One of the backups is one I automatically keep updated by the hour, but excludes bigger files like movies, games and my music library. The other backup is one I made today, a carbon copy of the entire system.

For the unaware, a carbon copy is a one-on-one copy of the original. With a backup like that I can be sure that there’s always a fully working “the way I left it” system, give or take a day’s work. It’s a nice thing though, because since it’s the system in its entirety, I can boot off the hard drive the backup’s on and log right into my own system as if nothing’s new.

I think that’ll be a very nice thing to have when they inevitable keep my laptop a couple days for repairs. Just borrow my mother’s laptop, plug in my backup drive, and work from my normal environment as usual. I tested this today, and it does run all kinds of slow, but then again my mom’s laptop isn’t exactly a beefy one.

Do you have a full backup of your system, in case of emergency? If the answer is no, go do that now.
~ Fang


  • 07/02/2016 (9:42 PM)

    Yes, although it’s not current. I do when I think about it, which is always at the wrong time. Still, I’ve been burned too many times to let it go too long.

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