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17 02 16

Backup failure

Why is Apple’s Time Machine such a shit? Pff.

For my regular, casual backups I depend on Time Machine, a cute piece of software that comes included with OS X. It keeps versioned backups, meaning I can always look up an older version of a file in case I mess something up. They’re also made so that OS X’s recovery software can easily restore from them, which is neat. What’s much less neat is how it sometimes decides to just shit all over all the book-keeping it’s done for the past half year, and go “whoops, something’s wrong, time to start all over!”

That kind of defeats the entire fucking point of using Time Machine in the first place, since it’s one of the rare few backup softwares available to me with versioning as nice as it has. Yes, I still keep a one-on-one backup handy when times are stressful, but nothing beats the comfort of having a month-old version of some obscure file you decided to mess with handy.

The fact that the backup takes longer than there’s time between now and my departure for school tomorrow makes it all the more frustrating. It’ll likely not make it in time, in which case I’ll have to cut it off, likely starting over from scratch again when I get home. And then the day after the laptop’s going away for repairs.

Why do things always fall over at the worst of times?
~ Fang

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