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Fang talks, you listen.

“Here’s a freely available thing!” “Cool, can I use it?” “Here’s a five-page legalese document to sift through.”

Something you’ll run into soon enough when you get in touch with open source software is the licenses. Some folks will allow you to do literally anything with their code, but others won’t be happy to see you make money off products you used their software in. Some require attribution, some won’t care at all. You can see how the broad amount of options makes for a huge number of combinations, resulting in a huge number of different licenses people can use.

It’s especially painful when some of those licenses are multiple pages long. If you want to make sure you can use a particular piece of software in your project, or if a license would be a good fit for your needs, you don’t want to read through endless legalese. Luckily a lot of modern licenses are fairly to-the-point, and if that wasn’t enough there’s always which can help you quickly make the right choice. Of course it doesn’t cover all available options, but the ones it presents should fit almost all needs.

There’s even a license to say “I don’t provide a license or anything”, and it puts your code into the public domain. Cool!
~ Fang

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