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Five years?!

And then some, holy fucking shit.

I actually hadn’t mountain biked (mountained bike? biked mountain?) in a long, long time. Because it’s still pretty cold outside, not the best weather, and other petty excuses. But yesterday the sun was shining and there wasn’t a single sign of bad weather in sight, so the Dad and I decided to go out and make some miles. And let me tell you, miles we definitely made.

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Within a day of releasing my first piece of open source software, it’s already been proven incomplete.

The thing I made fails to take something into account which can result in a jumpy, stuttery game if that’s not accounted for. So I have presented an incomplete solution. Luckily, due to the nature of open source software, someone saw this and told me about it. Sadly, due to the nature of open source software, I feel obligated to fix it. And I should, I guess? But on bigger projects, that can be an issue.

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“Here’s a freely available thing!” “Cool, can I use it?” “Here’s a five-page legalese document to sift through.”

Something you’ll run into soon enough when you get in touch with open source software is the licenses. Some folks will allow you to do literally anything with their code, but others won’t be happy to see you make money off products you used their software in. Some require attribution, some won’t care at all. You can see how the broad amount of options makes for a huge number of combinations, resulting in a huge number of different licenses people can use.

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Oh man, I’m going to give something back to the open source libraries and code snippets scene.

For years I’ve been using freely available libraries and whatnot in my projects. They’re a great help. There’s some kinds of things in programming that are too plain tedious to write well, or I straight-up can’t write those kinds of things well enough. You can imagine how much that work sucks when it’s needed to continue forward. Luckily, some people have been tidying up their own stuff or finding problems to solutions, and sharing that code with the whole wide world so others don’t have to suffer through the same ordeal.

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Something about (multiplayer) versus games has been bothering me lately.

And it’s not that the games are doing anything wrong per se, I’m just being a bad player. But the thing is, that’s something they should take into account. Sounds weird, and it is, because it isn’t exactly what I mean. Hear me out. The most exciting moments in games are the really close and clutch ones, right? Where neither side has a significant advantage to completely overwhelm the other, where it’s pretty much anyone’s game until the very last moment.

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