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01 01 16


Wow guys the number went up!

Hope you all had a great time during the annual plus-one. I know I sure did! Had a blast cough-hanging with the group, consuming just the right amount of beverages and staying up as late as was necessary. Now that we’ve all settled in though, we’ve officially arrived in the future. It’s the one we’ll be stuck with for the next 364 days, so surely we all have some plans ready for it? Right?

Well, I don’t. All I have is vague ideas and outlines, that’s the best I can do. I have a few things I want to do more or less of, and a few milestones that’d be nice to hit, but that’s all. No new year’s resolutions (because those get broken anyway), no roadmaps to lifelong success, nothing.

Doesn’t mean there won’t be anything happening though! Hell, this month already contains a pretty significant event. Where I (possibly accidentally) skipped it last year, I won’t miss the blog’s anniversary this time. It’s the fifth one after all, which means the blog’s been with me for almost a quarter of my life now! But of course there’s also marginally more significant things, such as the graduation internship. Hopefully.

Only you can know what your future will hold. Make yourself a future reader with 100% success rate!
~ Fang

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