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23 01 16

Ticket sales

That shit’s competitive, holy moly.

Today I woke up earlier than I should have according to my eight-hour sleep rule. It was an attempt to get my hands on a couple of tickets for a popular small-scale music festival here in the Netherlands. Sales started this morning. After phoning a friend thrice and still not getting any response on whether or not he wanted to go, I said “fuck it, let’s try anyway”. And try I did. As soon as sales started I got placed into the queue. Twenty minutes later, and I’m presented with a message: “Tickets have been sold out!”

So apparently demand was (once again) really high. There’s a small chance you can still get tickets through their official resell program, but not something worth betting on. Which is a shame, because I had actually already started looking forward to it.

But that’s how it goes with a lot of ticket sales these days, isn’t it? Demand’s just too high, tickets get sold out within minutes and still leave behind a huge crowd of freshly saddened people. Byproduct of how quickly and widely word-of-mouth can spread things, what with the internet and all? No idea.

What I do know is that there’s never enough tickets.
~ Fang


  • 24/01/2016 (5:41 AM)

    I don’t understand how that happens. The last time I bought tickets for a big concert, I kept hitting refresh until the second they went on sale, bought them immediately after, and still got only moderately okay seats.

    That’s why I only go to shows no one wants to see these days…

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