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They always come in pairs

It’s things like this that make me feel genuinely retarded.

I’ve been wanting to get to work making a prototype for a mobile multiplayer game, based on a concept we tried out during last year’s (attempt at following the) game development course. We originally worked on it as a PC game, but the concept itself is very well suited towards mobile devices. The multiplayer aspect has kept me from actually writing code for it though, as I wasn’t sure how I should make the client-server software architecture look.

But last night I had a sudden moment of clarity! Opened up a new text document and wrote down the details of the architecture and how it’d function in no more than ten lines. Turns out, it’s real fucking simple. I ran this by some folks, and apparently this is pretty standard stuff. Looking back, I’m surprised why I struggled so hard to find this simple solution. Maybe because I was looking for something much more elaborate, expecting simpler stuff to not work out nicely?

This’ll make for a nice foundation, and we can always tweak things from there. Starting to put the first rough lines of code down, and it’s already starting to come together nicely. Nowhere near functional, but that’ll come soon enough. Exciting!

By the way, if anyone reading this has a smartphone running Android Lollipop or higher, open up the blog in Mobile Chrome and let me know if you notice anything special. (Aside from, you know, things looking ugly on mobile.)
~ Fang


  • 01/02/2016 (1:44 PM)

    I’m glad you got the problem fixed in the end. That’s what matters man. It’s also great you were able to solve it on your own. Brains are just weird like that. You can think about something for ages and then have a random moment of clarity.

  • 01/02/2016 (2:52 AM)

    Opened this on my Android phone (got Lollipop) via Chrome and I ain’t seen nuthin’… well, unless you already took down whatever you had put up.

    I’m all in favor of a good multiplayer mobile game, just don’t make it freemium, okay?

  • 30/01/2016 (2:43 AM)

    Glad you had your “Aha!” moment. I could use one now and then…

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