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Steady decline.

Just like do it.

Some would quote the famous words of Shia and Nike, “Just do it”. I prefer sticking with my roots, a phrase I picked up when I more regularly busied myself with game development: “Just Like Make Game”. Of course, the latter half can be replaced with whatever activity you seek to get done. But keep it simple. That’s what it should be, because it’s for getting shit done.

And yet, even armed with a powerful mantra people (read: I) have trouble bucking down and doing something productive, working towards my goals. What is it that keeps us from chasing those dreams? Starting is hard and tedious. But you always have to start somewhere. The end goal is far out of sight. But if it was, it wouldn’t even be worth fighting for.

Knowing cute little phrases like the ones I mentioned is nice, and you can repeat them to yourself, but that doesn’t automatically make you more pumped up for the task. And if it does, you may have bigger troubles than the task at hand.

The best Get Shit Done Mantra is no mantra. Just like do it.
~ Fang


  • 20/01/2016 (2:57 AM)

    You should be a motivational speaker or something.

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