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Fucking wow.

Well it sure feels like that time of year again.

You may recall that last year, during and after the internship, I struggled with RSI/carpal tunnel/whatever you want to call it. Constant aching in hands, fingers, wrists, arms. Nothing I could really do about it other than giving them a good stretch and lots of rest. Which really sucked, considering my job, study and hobbies all revolved around one thing: computers. If I can’t actively interact with the things, I’m pretty fucked.

It’s cooling down over here, winter has properly arrived. This means colder extremities, which causes veins to constrict. The worsened flow of blood helps propagate the RSI, what with the muscles not getting as much blood as they need. I definitely notice I need to be more careful and take more frequent breaks again. It’s… returning.

And that’s a scary thought. I’ll probably never get rid of this, live with the yearly cycle of “doing okay” to “doing not okay”, or worse, having things degrade until I can’t operate anymore at all. I need my hands for my work, for my passion, everything. Pausing isn’t an option. Shit still needs to get done, and even if it didn’t, I feel like shit if I can’t do what I want for longer periods of time. My suffering will just have to continue.

But I’ll gladly suffer for my craft, even if such an attitude will end up bringing me down. Let’s see how long I last.
~ Fang


  • 10/01/2016 (3:37 PM)

    Back when all I did was listen to music, I worried I would become deaf. When I read all of the time, I worried that I would becomoe blind.

    I hope you have many more years of typing ahead of you. Maybe it will be a short winter?

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