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25 01 16

Set and forget

Just outside the categories “automagic” and “it just works”.

Much like those though, it’s all about convenience. One of the great things about knowing in-depth things about computers is being able to deal with the pains that come with doing in-depth things with computers. Take a second to re-read that if you need to, I’m not rewriting it. Back on point though, I often have to go through a process manually to get things to work just right. It doesn’t matter if the process is short or not, after a while it just starts getting on your nerves.

So what do you do when you’re wasting precious seconds of your life dealing with frivolous tasks? You simplify and automate them! And so I try my best to wrap up the process in as small a package as possible. Then I can just run that instead of getting my hands dirty. I set it up once, and can completely forget how everything works after; all I need to know is the “go do that thing” command.

Works perfectly! …Until something breaks and I forgot why I did what.
~ Fang


  • 28/01/2016 (1:34 PM)

    Automating things is good but there becomes a point when it’s too much. Sometimes you get lazy, or you forget about the process. Not that I’ve had that happen to me too much. I love IFTT.

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