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11 01 16

Idea growth

So I’ve been sitting here, staring at a blank “Add New Post” screen for ten fucking minutes now. But suddenly, wham!

Yes, “wham” is the sound-effect that happens when you recall you can write a fun little shit-post about the way in which you’re still working on that story you recently wrote a vague three-parter on. Quick rundown for the uninitiated/refresher for literally everyone though: For years now I’ve toyed with a story idea with a super cliche premise. A bunch of kids win their Willy-Wonka tickets into the closed beta testing for some new-fangled “Alternate Reality” game. As opposed to Virtual Reality, you’re actually in the game world rather than just experiencing it. Shit happens, they have to team up (or not, who knows) and do crazy stunts. People die and M. Night Shyamalan writes the ending.

I actually just checked the creation dates on the text files I keep for ideas and whatnot for that story. Oldest I could find was created in September of 2012. That’s well over three years ago! Really wish I had thrown it into version control so I could see what got added/changed over the years. There were long dry spells, of course, but occasionally I got back and added in a silly idea or two.

The notes started out as way too detailed descriptions of the game’s mechanics; what it’d play like, powers and limitations of the players, and so on. It’s actually turned into quite the convoluted RPG classes descriptor, in a way. Plot elements quickly snuck their way into the document too, I fleshed out some characters and their motivations. It just kept growing, almost by itself.

It’s nice to see how far it has come, but it’s the kind of story that’d need a hundred times more fleshing out if I wanted to get it anywhere decent. You all know me for writing things on the go, but this monster of a story is far too convoluted for that. I want to write it well, but I also know that I’ll never be able to make it as good as it could be. Hell, plain text may not even be the best medium for it, but it’s all I can do.

Getting excited about the project again though, maybe I’ll put some more serious ideaguy work into it soon.
~ Fang


  • 12/01/2016 (5:21 PM)

    Please don’t let M. Night Shyamamamamamamalalalan write the ending.

    Sounds like a fun story. How about George RR Martin writes the ending? Or you could just write his ending: everyone dies, the end.

  • 12/01/2016 (1:05 AM)

    How much of a blueprint do you have before you write your longer pieces?

    I can only have very vague blueprints in my head ahead of time. if I have it too filled out, then I have trouble writing, because I need to surprise myself and figure things out for myself as I go.

    • 12/01/2016 (7:32 AM)

      Normally I just write things on the go. Caves can be considered pretty long, and it was written with only a basic outline and some plot points in mind, which I came up with as the story went on.
      Never written anything long besides Caves though, so eh.

  • 11/01/2016 (11:48 PM)

    As you’ve come up with all these ideas about the game itself you’ll have plenty of ideas for the inevitable game version. I’m glad that you haven’t quite given up on that idea. I quite liked it.

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