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Holy moly.

As if having an exam at 6:15 PM wasn’t bad enough already, they had to make it the most mind-numbingly simple one I’ve ever taken. If you read through the practice exam and its answers and gave the slides a quick look-over then you knew nearly everything necessary to answer the questions perfectly. One question was about something not present in the slides, and one was a bit tricky, so sadly it won’t be a 100% for me. The test as a whole almost makes me feel ashamed about that though.

It’s almost like they made it easy on purpose, to make the school look good with all the good grades that will inevitably roll out of it. That’s terrible! I doubt it though, maybe the teacher just got lazy with writing the exam? But he kept going on and on about how it’d definitely be much more difficult than the last one. Well apparently not eh?

But hey, the minor is now officially over (assuming I got good enough grades, hah). Game development studies start Monday!
~ Fang


  • 29/01/2016 (1:10 PM)

    I think it’s just that you’re pretty smart and know your thing. If you can hear back how well the exam went for everyone I think you’ll be pleasantly (or perhaps unpleasantly) surprised.

    • 29/01/2016 (8:54 PM)

      That’s the thing, everyone else had exactly the same comment; “holy shit that was too easy”.

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