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Had another “job interview” today.

I put that between quotes because it was for an internship rather than a job (though who knows what may follow), and it wasn’t as much of an interview as it was a conversation. I’ll file it under “professional experience” regardless. It was actually rather different from the other interviews, in that I talked one-on-one with the team manager of their IT section. At other places there was always a recruitment person involved. Sometimes that was even all that was offered!

It’s not like we spoke code to each other or anything, but things were definitely a tad more technical. Or rather, more geared towards those things and how stuff involving all that works. The people, the system, it was still very much a “get to know how we work” kind of deal, but presented from a developer’s perspective. That’s refreshing, knowing that you’re getting more or less the information like you’d experience it yourself.

Though the company’s absolutely huge and comes with all kinds of “big company things” like internal politics, rigidity and “who are all these people walking around the building”, and the scare vibes those things sent me are still very much present, it also seems like a fun challenge and good experience to have. I’ve gotten rather interested, and apparently they have too.

Who knows what lies ahead!
~ Fang

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