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Ugh I managed to misspell “desert” as “dessert” again and nobody told me. Why does this keep happening? I hate those words. (previous)

Samuel slid his way down the desert hill, the sand under his feet fluid like water yet heavy like syrup. An eerie, comforting cold enveloped him from toe to head as he descended. The dune provided the two with the most welcome relief from the sun’s never-ending waves of heat and agony. Samuel dropped to his knees next to Destin who hadn’t yet moved after his tumble. The sand, treacherous as it was, hadn’t cushioned either boy’s impact. Samuel let out a brief grunt before speaking. ‘Are you-‘ He had to catch his breath, he had to send another wave of pleasure through his throat as he inhaled the colder air that now surrounded them. ‘Are you okay?’

Destin’s hands dug into the sand as he tried to find his bearings. What little unoccupied space there was left under his fingernails got filled by the time he managed to set himself upright again. ‘Yeah.’ he muttered, grimacing when he felt sand fly out of his mouth. ‘But this is not good.’
Samuel laid himself down when he learnt his friend was fine. Again the sand didn’t dampen the impact on his back as much as he had expected it to, but he was beyond the point of caring now. ‘It’s actually kind of nice down here, isn’t it? It’s a bit–‘
‘Colder.’ Destin completed. ‘Exactly. The sun is starting to set, isn’t it?’ He didn’t wait for a confirmation. ‘We will need something to stay warm, it’ll be freezing soon.’

A subtle shock jumped through Samuel’s brain when he realized how right Destin was. It was already cooling down fast enough to make their drenched clothing feel like icy blankets, draining them from energy like the heat had not much earlier. They didn’t have the tools or material to start a fire, no change of clothes and frankly, not a clue if they were still heading in the right direction.
‘What in the…’ Destin uttered, hastily standing up, almost falling down right after. He pointed a finger towards the horizon. ‘Do you see that over there?’

Yes, Destin has been established to be blind. What kind of trickery is going on here? (next)
~ Fang


  • 08/01/2016 (3:06 PM)

    Doesn’t anybody care enough to tell you? I hate when that happens.

  • 08/01/2016 (3:59 AM)

    Plot twist; Samuel is his seeing eye dog. A quick tip with noticing mistakes; read it to yourself out loud. Your mouth catches mistakes your brain doesn’t.

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