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The answer is sex and money.

I’m continuing putting this off even now, so let’s just have a go at in and hope it turns out readable. Beware: not really feelin’ it.

‘Evelyn said it’s a long walk away, but at least this terrain should be sorta manageable for you.’ Particles of sand danced around in Samuel’s mouth as he spoke. Every drop of saliva he could muster evaporated in a single breath. Rolling droplets of sweat tickled his face when he stopped and turned to look at Destin, who had fallen a few steps behind. ‘Want me to lend a hand?’

Destin swayed to the side, having trouble finding his balance in the ever-shifting sea of sand. ‘I’d manage, if it wasn’t for these admittedly gentle slopes and the slip-and-slide challenge they posed.’ He briefly squinted as his body strained itself to stay upright. After regaining his balance, he relaxed his eyes again. Aside from the skin-scorching heat and the suffering it caused, the sun didn’t affect him. The light it sent out, the rays that made Samuel close his eyes and still beg for relief, Destin couldn’t see them.

Samuel placed Destin’s hand on his shoulder. The brief contact between their skins was like sandpaper to sandpaper. Every movement felt like it scrubbed off a thin layer of dehydrated cells, immediately evaporating any moisture left underneath it. ‘Let’s keep a steady pace.’ Samuel suggested. Yet every single step kicked an ounce more sand into their shoes. Anything that managed to escape got replaced not a second later, and still more kept flowing in. The occasional gust provided anything but relief, stinging into their skin like tiny darts and filling every nook and cranny of their clothing with dead weight.

‘Careful,’ Samuel exhaled, ‘This one goes down pretty steep.’ The words barely formed in his mouth, throat parched, tongue heavy, and Dennis didn’t hear. His next step sent him falling forward, his misplaced correction turned the fall into a fast tumble down the dune.

Wow that was ridiculously difficult for some reason. Continuation tomorrow, probably! (next)
~ Fang


  • 07/01/2016 (3:45 AM)

    I’m looking forward to reading where it goes next man. You make me jealous of my inability to really go into detail and paint a picture.

  • 06/01/2016 (11:29 PM)

    I liked it. It’s a cool start and it raises more questions than it answers.

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