Fang Talks

They always come in pairs

I think the title alone says everything I’m going to write in this post.

Tomorrow is the “show and tell” of the projects for the minor. Ours included, but it’s not actually finished yet. You know that thing they say about the last 10% of the work and how it takes 90% of the time? It’s still true. So very, very true.

Yesterday we already made a “full” day, from 10 AM to 3 PM. (Surrounded by 2 hours of commuting on both sides, mind you.) Today was 11 AM to 9 PM. Yes, nine. We ordered pizza and everything. And in the end, even though we got it more or less sort of working, we didn’t accomplish all that much. I’d be perfectly okay with days like this, if only the work felt satisfying. It’s just working around shitty issues though.

Not to mention that now I’ll have to do all the work for the blog birthday post tomorrow, on the birthday itself.
~ Fang

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