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work hard, urb hard

Mandatory interruptions shall continue until health improves.

Spent a fair bit of time at school working on the project. Programming, writing, researching. Came home, went for a run, had dinner. Sit down in front of the computer, and wham, hand and arm pains. Guess which blog is going to have a short post today? Pretty mad at myself for this, I played more high-interaction video games than normal over the past week despite small symptoms already showing up. Not a smart move. Fuck me.

I need to take more frequent breaks, I need to work on my posture at home, I need to throw five hundred Euros at a decent adjustable desk if that’s what it takes. There’s no way things are going to pan out well for me if I keep living on the edge like this.

It’s just the harsh reality of the situation. Time to stop crying about it and start doing shit. Like not doing shit every so often, for example.
~ Fang

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