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Because how else can we know?

My game development specialization starts tomorrow. Back to the school I study at, as opposed to the one of the minor. That shaves nearly an hour off my commute time, so that’s an extra two hours of my day freed up. Fucking finally, I don’t think I would’ve stayed sane if I had to travel as much as I did for much longer. Luckily that’s in the past now.

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30 01 16

Hello progress!

That’s a pretty bold thing to say, considering I haven’t achieved all that much today.

But I did work on that project I talked about yesterday again. A bit more messing around, trying to get things figured out. You know, passing the first few hurdles. It’s that kind of awkward stage of development that precedes actual problem solving and focusses more on making sure things actually work at the most basic level. I’m facing a few challenges, but once I get those cleared up it’ll be (hopefully) smooth sailing.

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It’s things like this that make me feel genuinely retarded.

I’ve been wanting to get to work making a prototype for a mobile multiplayer game, based on a concept we tried out during last year’s (attempt at following the) game development course. We originally worked on it as a PC game, but the concept itself is very well suited towards mobile devices. The multiplayer aspect has kept me from actually writing code for it though, as I wasn’t sure how I should make the client-server software architecture look.

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Holy moly.

As if having an exam at 6:15 PM wasn’t bad enough already, they had to make it the most mind-numbingly simple one I’ve ever taken. If you read through the practice exam and its answers and gave the slides a quick look-over then you knew nearly everything necessary to answer the questions perfectly. One question was about something not present in the slides, and one was a bit tricky, so sadly it won’t be a 100% for me. The test as a whole almost makes me feel ashamed about that though.

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Had another “job interview” today.

I put that between quotes because it was for an internship rather than a job (though who knows what may follow), and it wasn’t as much of an interview as it was a conversation. I’ll file it under “professional experience” regardless. It was actually rather different from the other interviews, in that I talked one-on-one with the team manager of their IT section. At other places there was always a recruitment person involved. Sometimes that was even all that was offered!

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