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06 12 15

Tough choices

Especially when you consider the impact it has on your future…

After I get my bachelor’s degree, I have the option to continue studying towards a university-level master’s degree. It’s proving rather tough, deciding whether or not I want to go do that. On the one hand, it’s an extra slip of paper that looks real pretty on my resumé. On the other, that’s two years of studying, reporting, research, everything I loathe doing. Two years of self-torture.

A friend insists I think about it real long and hard, saying that a master’s is invaluable for getting a quality, high-paying job. Especially when I get older. He may be right, I’m not entirely sure. Even if he is though, that isn’t enough to persuade me. A university-level master will be so heavily theory-focussed, and I already feel like shit when I have to write a single report.

Is this a short-term vs long-term type of deal? Would the master’s course really be that bad? Am I just a weakling? Who knows.
~ Fang


  • 07/12/2015 (4:50 AM)

    It’s different for every person and every field, but I personally turned down the master’s when I got that option. Just wasn’t worth it for me. My wife’s in the same field right now making the same amount of money I was and she only has a high school diploma. Sometimes it’s education and sometimes it’s just who you know/being really savvy with networking.

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