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The Top 2000

First things first: a very merry christmas to all of you!

Over here in the Netherlands, we have this annual thing ever since the year 2000. Starting from christmas all the way up to the last minute of the year, you can listen to the “top 2000 songs of all time”. Every year people get to vote for what songs make the list. There’s always a whole lot of golden oldies in there, but it’s nice to see a larger influx of more recent music this year. Good jams all around… on average.

And you know what made the list? The original Pokemon theme song. “Gotta Catch ’em All” landed somewhere in the 1600s. Not too bad, eh? There’s no denying the collective nostalgic power of our generation made this happen, and it’s fun to see it actually on the list. Definitely tuning in for that one.

I’d love to listen to the Top 2000 radio all day, but there’s just so much commentating and advertising in between songs. It’s not excessive by any measures, but it’s still not uninterrupted music. It really bothers me, I can’t dev to the sound of insurance commercials!

They also make it seem like it’s recorded live, but it’s actually been recorded in studio a couple months ago.
~ Fang

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