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That MMO feeling

“It’s like a family.”

There’s that specific sense of community that no other online interaction provides. Nowhere do you get together with a bunch of people with both the purpose of achieving something and the purpose of having a good time, all in one activity. And then you actually go and do what you planned and accomplish that goal together.

Hell, I just spent almost my whole day with a friend. When I got back home, one of the first things I did was wish my corpies (other members of the corporation) a merry christmas. Even when I’m not playing the game I’m still in touch with them all, because they’re nice people and (even though I only just joined) feel like a group of close friends. It’s a lovely experience, really.

All that provided you play an MMO like it’s supposed to be played: with a group, be it a guild or just some pals. Because you don’t play an MMO to play an MMO.
~ Fang


  • 28/12/2015 (4:36 AM)

    One of the fondest memories I have of playing Warcraft is this one time I was playing at New Years. It was a random group and we had a lot of fun and got on really well. We ended up doing a few dungeons together and playing past midnight. Eventually we had to stop playing but we all quit without leaving the party in the hopes that we’d still be in a group when we came back on. Sadly it didn’t work but it was still a great night.

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