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01 12 15

That itch

The one you gotta give that scratch.

So I was hanging on the web as per usual when I came across a guy asking for advice. He said he liked updating his software. He really liked updating his software. But after going through everything he had installed, there was nothing left to update for him. He’d be able to deal with this for a little while, but the urge to update would soon haunt him again, he said. He asked the community for advice, recommendations for software that updated frequently, that kind of stuff.

Of course I stuck around to see where this’d go. I chimed in and told him to get on development branches, those generally update multiple times a week, if not more than once a day. He said he wanted stable software, and that he liked the “new features” part of updates. It went on for a bit, and it became apparent this guy had some borderline fetishistic thing going on with his software updates.

But hey, that’s just his itch to scratch. If that’s what keeps him going through the week, the month, the year, then that’s perfectly fine. We can’t all be content with the mere download of a new episode of our favorite series, or cooking that perfect medium steak. Some people pull their enjoyment from elsewhere.

Some say he’s still furiously cramming his computer full of updateware to this day.
~ Fang

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