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03 12 15

Tears for fun

You probably know that group of asses that just bothers everyone in a PvP or MMO game.

They’re the kind of folks whose definition of “chill time with friends” is causing misery and despair for other players. You know, setting a tent up at busy intersections and picking off lost-looking weaklings. The victim cries, the killers drink, good banter for nearly all involved. For the victim though, it’s stressful. They probably lost a bunch of gear and loot, and it wasn’t even a good fight.

It sucks, but it’s part of life. Just something you need to deal with. Or better yet, fight against. In Eve there’s actually groups of players that focus on messing up these camping bullies. Great fun! The more organized campers respond to this by setting up scouts nearby, but sometimes you can spot those, giving away the fact that there’s trouble ahead, helping you avoid a deadly situation!

As noble and fun a cause anti-camping may seem, I still find myself tempted to set up a tent of my own sometime, just to feel what it’s like.
~ Fang


  • 04/12/2015 (1:38 PM)

    Pretty soon we’ll have anti-camping campers. It’s fighting camping with camping. But ahh there is a joy that comes when people get their asses kicked for being dicks.

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