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02 12 15

Teach it forward

Or: Why transparency from companies’ development teams is super good.

Not sure if I’m getting interested in the development departments from all the right companies, or more companies are picking on up this. The latter wouldn’t be all that odd either, it tends to be good(-ish) PR after all. Let me clarify on what exactly I’m talking about though. Some companies have their own blog, for company-related news. Alongside (or inside) that, some have decided to run a development blog for the software they’re working on or the challenges they faced and overcame. On rare occasions you’ll see them go into quite deep technical detail, too!

And this is really nice, not only for developers seeking to learn about the technologies involved, but also for the consumers because there’ll be developers among them that’ll translate it to “yeah this broke because of X, but they fixed it now”. It’s transparency, in that sense. It lets people know what’s up.

And yeah, if they go into technical detail on a complicated issue they ran into, it’ll help other developers who read the article keep otherwise unforeseen issues in mind, allowing them to move forward at a slightly faster speed.

Teach others so they don’t need to discover, and can go on to learn and teach even more.
~ Fang

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