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19 12 15


Well this has never happened to me before.

I went to bed at, what, 1:30 AM? Was still super tired from the days before, so I tried not to make it very late that night. Set my alarm at 10 AM, because eight hours of sleep is plenty. Don’t want to spend all day in bed, right? At some point I wake up and oddly enough I feel fully awake almost instantly. I look at my phone for the time. 4:something, damn, still got some hours of sleep to catch. I try my best to fall asleep, but by the time it’s 5:00 I’m still awake.

Not long after my sister knocks on my door and peaks inside. “Hey, you okay?” or something along those lines. “What the fuck?” I spaz, slightly jarred there’s someone in my room all of a sudden. As it turns out, it was past 5 PM. PM. The small detail I missed when I first checked the time.

So the suddenly it’s already dark outside again. I’ve seen literally zero sunshine today, had “breakfast” close to 6 PM, and god knows when I find it time to get myself some dinner. Maybe I’ll drop by the Subway, they’re open ’til 3 AM so that should suit my newly acquired rhythm.

~ Fang

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