Fang Talks

A shitty slogan is more than enough for the likes of you!

It’s become a yearly tradition as this point.

Since it’s hard to get a large group of friends together for christmas or new year’s eve (or that racist Dutch saint), we compress all those holidays together into a single evening. We eat foods, we drink drinks, and play a fun presents roulette game the host made up a couple years ago. The turn-up this year seems kind of meagre, but we’re still doing in anyway!

The idea is to bring a couple of presents (the more the better), which will then be more or less randomly distributed by whatever rules are connected to the dice this year. It’s fun because you usually get a nice mix of real and gag gifts, and people tend to contest heavily over big boxes or items with special wrapping. You never know what you may end up with!

In the end though, it’s the company that matters. And as long as there’s even just one person present, it’s a great time.
~ Fang

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