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They're coming down the stairs.

Research is making huge steps forward and I can’t wait to purchase my own new-fangled quantum computer.

We honestly shouldn’t be surprised if the things see widespread use during our lifetimes. Whether it’ll be full availability for the average consumer is another question, partly because modern computing technologies will likely suffice for plenty more years, but I can definitely see it trickling down into “professional work that indirectly deals with computers” hands.

It feels like I’m reading about a new discovery or other piece of research on the topic every week. We’ve come a long way already, and we’re making huge strides of progress now it seems. Once things get seriously up and running, we’ll have devices that can perform tasks an ordinary computer would take in years, decades, centuries, aeons for, in a matter of seconds. It’s mind blowing!

On the other hand, some things it obviously won’t be as good as. But therein lies the fun part: building new solutions to existing problems, making good use of quantum computing’s unique attributes in order to maximize efficiency. Sounds like a real cool job to me.

But I don’t do physics, and I don’t have PhD, so my chances of developing on the cutting edge there are as slim as they get.
~ Fang

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