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Because sometimes the puzzle pieces just don’t match up.

When you hear the phrase “you’re not a good fit”, you’ll likely think of a company recruiter saying that to a potential future employee. And yeah, sometimes it comes from the company. They’re more acquainted with the internal culture and requirements, after all. But sometimes it’s the other way around. It’s very much possible for a potential employee to say “hey, this isn’t my thing”.

That’s more or less what I did today. It wasn’t about the internal culture of the company, not at all. They seemed like nice folks and even had a bar no further than ten steps from the work spaces, so it definitely gave off all the right signals. But the work I’d be hired for was a bit less “wow cool”. It essentially meant being on standby until something matching my interests rolled by. Considering I want to do programming related jobs to build up relevant work experience, I was looking at long potential wait times.

My current on-the-side job is mostly on-demand work as well, and the unreliability of that is kinda meh, so the fit wasn’t right there.
~ Fang


  • 21/12/2015 (2:28 PM)

    It’s always good when you have the position of power and the ability to tell a potential hirer that THEY are the ones who aren’t a good fit for YOU. Good luck finding somewhere you do fit in man.

  • 20/12/2015 (11:13 PM)

    Good for you, man. Too many people don’t think like this. They just want to grab the first job they can get, because hey, what if they don’t get another opportunity? What if this is it? But if you’re going to potentially spend 40 hours a week somewhere, you’d damn well better like it.

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