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Low luck days

Random number generation sure can be a bitch sometimes.

If you’ve ever played a game where randomness affected gameplay elements (which is to say, nearly every game to some degree) then you’ll no doubt know how shitty it can be sometimes. You hack and slash your way through a dungeon, barely making it through alive, only to find a chest full of old socks and other mundane items. Hours worth of effort, and a measly few gamedollars is all you have to show for it.

There’s always the opposite case though, lucking out and striking literal gold, instantly doubling your richness. Assuming you make it home without losing anything of value, that is. The mountains of dosh you earned in an instant will make up for all the times you were unlucky. But it’s hard to see that, and the joy will fade. Another bad chest will hit you hard again.

Even so, no ups without downs right?
~ Fang

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