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So apparently there’s more and more people in my country that are totally for banning personal-use fireworks.

Okay, I’ll say it, it’s a solution. But it’s likely not the best one. There’s a whole lot of trouble every year with people injuring themselves because they weren’t careful enough or because they bought illegal/bootleg fireworks, which have the tendency to blow up in your face for no apparent reason. Also some people complain about the noise?

Neither of those issues warrant a nation-wide ban in my opinion. Why ban something that’s only dangerous when someone disregards the proper safety precautions and method of use? We should be banning nearly everything we use in our daily lives if that’s criterium. And I probably don’t need to tell you how noise complaints don’t make for a very good argument either. It’s one day a year!

Man, I don’t know what it is. It seems like some folks think people aren’t responsible for the consequences of their own stupid behavior. Like some bigger party should be held accountable. Safety-netting and hand-holding is super real. If there’s so much as a 45° slope next to a sidewalk, it gets fenced up and everything. While I was in Peru, I rarely ever saw fencing next to roads, even the ones with steep cliffs right next to ’em.

But was there a pile of bodies at the bottom? Of course not.
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  • 31/12/2015 (1:25 PM)

    I think we really do tend to try and ban things to take care of stupid people. Which is a stupid reason to ban things. I really don’t understand how personal use fireworks are illegal in America but weapons aren’t. I love fireworks myself and I’d be annoyed if I Couldn’t buy my own.

    Besides it’s not like you’d actually be able to stop idiots playing with illegal and bootleg fireworks.

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