Fang Talks

Be mindful of who you bare your fangs at, son.

So I finally took the step and joined a player-owned corporation in Eve Online.

I suppose it’s the more official sounding equivalent of joining a guild in World of Warcraft, but it definitely feels like a big step. Being part of a corp opens up so many new possibilities, and so many new risks too. We’re not the kind of corp that takes on grand-scale wars, so I likely won’t be getting shot down by a blood-thirsty enemy. I’ll still be leaving a lot behind though, since they have their headquarters in wormhole space, which is connected to a new random spot in regular space, so it’s pretty far out.

They seem like cool folks though, and even have people willing to teach newer players this and that. Exactly what I need. And when I offered to lend a hand with their website and tooling if it was needed, I got thrown into the channel dedicated to the computer worker folk. Chatted them up for a bit about what I’m studying and all that, and finally found someone who doesn’t shit all over PHP for flaws that don’t actually break it. Those people are rare these days!

I’ll probably be moving all my stuff over tomorrow. Can’t wait to fleet up with them!
~ Fang

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