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Home is where the web is, right?

What does your browser open to? What does your “new tab” page look like? (You do browse with tabs, right? Come on, it’s 2015 for crying out loud!) Is it the default “frequent visits” overview, displaying a top ten of your most commonly visited pages on the web? Or maybe a website with a list of useful links? A plan ol’ search engine? What if I told you about… custom-built homepages?

Some developer-type people go about and make their own little homepage. A beautiful and convenient collection of prettied up hyperlinks, every aspect of it at their control. No need to wait for a website to get added to the frequent visits, just add it in by hand. Less than a minute of your time, and there it is, ready for action.

I think it makes the browser more personal than any “standard” homepage. A nice touch, convenient and pleasing to the eye.
~ Fang

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