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bunch of milk-drinkers

It’s that lovely time of year again, new year’s eve right around the corner.

Everyone celebrates the rollover differently. Me, I’ll be hanging with a bunch of friends, most of which I’ve only ever spoken over Skype. They invited me to come though, so it’s going to be good times for sure. It’s the first time in quite a few years that I don’t join up with the larger chunk of our regular group of friends. At least it’s something new again!

Fun to see how different groups celebrate in vastly different ways. Some get busy with fireworks, others head into the local bar or attend a party. We’re just going to hang on couches and drink beers, from what I’ve gathered, and that sounds like a perfectly good time to me.

And don’t you worry, I’ll have an end of year post coming up tomorrow, as always.
~ Fang

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