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One of the recruitment days I had talked about was today.

It was actually a rather fun event! We got to compete in a GPS game, which our team won after being in last place every time the intermediate results were sent. There was also a case we had to brainstorm for (so the company could steal the best idea and make profit using it, of course), but our product idea didn’t come out on top sadly.

There were a few presentations on the company itself, but when it comes to any potential work I’d be doing if I had an internship (or job) at their place, I still can’t tell you what’d be going on. It seems like the day was meant for evaluating us, rather than for us to evaluate the company. Which I suppose makes sense, considering there were eleven eager minds present.

But with that also comes a tricky atmosphere. One in which there’s people trying to “show what they got” and all that. Instead of just speaking or not speaking your mind, it feels more like a competition of who can ask the best questions, come off as the most interested, or generally present themselves the best towards the onlooking and participating employees and recruiters.

And I already have a hard time getting to speak sometimes as is, let alone with all the verbal elbowing going on.
~ Fang

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