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Well, you know how it goes.

I’m sure you’ve heard of One Punch Man by now. If not, go and watch it, it’s a great series. The amazing humor is delivered absurdly well, despite nearly every joke being founded on just the premise of the series alone. The animation feels crisp, smooth and super impactful. They somehow manage to hype you up even when you already know the exact outcome. Truly a masterpiece of modern animation.

Alas, the first season has come to a close. A second season has already been confirmed to be in the making, but god know when it’ll be released. It’s… actually kind of sad to see it go already, even if only for a little while. I’ve never felt this way about media before, but there’s definitely a strong yearning inside of me for more. Come to think of it though, I had a similar feeling when Rick and Morty announced their next season is more than a year away.

Am I becoming part of that Netflix crowd that bitches and moans about the release dates of whatever series they like watching? I fear it may already have happened…
~ Fang

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