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Website badges

“Certified Reseller Reseller!”

For some reason it’s usually webshops that show you these things. Those little icons saying they’re doing this or that well, how secure they are and who their junk’s being shipped by. They somehow manage to fill up entire sidebars with that stuff. McAfee Certificate of Security? What does that even mean? The icon isn’t even clickable, and McAfee’s website doesn’t have a “good websites” list…

I’m genuinely not sure what the deal with the things is. There’s definitely some use for a sidebar full of logos, as long as they indicate payment methods and maybe shipping companies. Other than that though, is anything really trustworthy? I don’t think so. Give me a couple minutes in Photoshop, and I’ll make a custom “security guaranteed” badge from a fictional websec company for you. Is your website starting to feel more secure yet?

It wouldn’t be that surprising if there’s a bunch of housewives telling each other that an easy way to not get scammed is look for those badges on websites. “If it has more badges, it’s more legitimate!” That’s just an accident waiting to happen.

I wonder how many more I’d see if I turned off advertisement blocking.
~ Fang


  • 27/11/2015 (2:57 PM)

    You’ve already hit the nail on the head Fang. It’s to make people feel more secure but they actually mean very little. Chances are those things are just little pictures someone put together. Hell I could make any kind of liquid, call it a “supplement”, take a screenshot of any other supplement website, crop out the “guarantees” and sell my pisswater as a fully certified supplement.

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