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To summarize…

…let me write this twenty-page essay.

That’s not this post, as there isn’t much to summarize. It has not yet been written, and summarizing a thing that can be read in less than five minutes seems like a rather pointless activity. If you want something to reach a way wider audience though, it’s pretty much mandatory to have the core message easily digestible. You know, quick, bite-sized chunks and all that. The cornerstone of modern culture!

These days it isn’t uncommon to find a “TL;DR” of a lengthy-ish article within a few hours of it being posted, or a video summarizing recent changes to a game or whatever. You know, to highlight the important stuff people actually care about and leaving out all the tiny details. And that’s actually a good thing, because accessibility. Except when it isn’t. Sometimes the details are crucial.

Headlines can’t tell stories.
~ Fang

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